Forth implemented in C/C++


A forth interpreter written in Ansi C, (found on the usenet_jan_94 cd) and is public domain, (mostly) ported to OSX.


A Simple Forth Implementation in C++ by Kristopher Johnson cxxforth is a simple implementation of a Forth system in C++. The source code is written as a tutorial for implementing Forth, similar in spirit to JONESFORTH. A Markdown-format rendition of the source code is available in cxxforth implements a subset of the words in the ANS Forth draft standard. Refer to that document for descriptions of those words. Additional non-ANS words are described in the cxxforth source code.


a tiny emulator written in C99 for a virtual Forth CPU, embeddable into C-Code. The Forth System follows the eForth model and includes a block-IO interface (in memory), a "see" disassembler, a simple forth block editor and a meta-compiler

Ficl Language

Ficl Language is an Forth System for embedding Forth into other applications as a scripting language. It can be used as a stand-alone Forth System.


Another Forth. This one creates a "bare metal" Forth virtual machine. Written in C.


Another Indirect Threaded Forth written in C


a forth implementation in c

GNUForth (gforth)

GNUForth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth language. Gforth is available for many platforms (Unix/Linux, Windows, macOS, Android).


graspForth .. a 32-bit Forth by Bernard Mentink ( graspForth stands for: a Gcc/Relocatable/fAst/Small/Portable Forth )


A small Forth interpreter that can be used as a library written in c99. There is a version of Libforth that is embedded into a Linux-Kernel-Module.


Self-hosting metacompiled Forth, bootstrapping from a few lines of C; targets Linux, Windows, ARM, 68000, PDP-11.

This is a self-hosted implementation of Forth, which can regenerate itself from Forth source code. The bootstrapping process uses a metacompiler written in Lisp to target a small inner interpreter and a handful of code words written in C. A new metacompiler written in Forth generates an x86 executable using using assembly language code words.

There are also ARM, Motorola 68000, and PDP-11 targets, and target assemblers for 6502, AVR, MSP430, and Emacs bytecodes.


A forth implementation aimed at being portable and tiny(in code size and required resources) written in C


a MINimalistic but complete FORTH system in C and Forth94 for DOS, Windows and Linux operating systems


A simple, indirect-threaded Forth, written in C; for target compiling; runs on Linux, BSD, OSX, and Cygwin (Windows)


Pez is a Forth dialect based on Atlast, with expanded capabilities and more portability.


a Portable ANS-like Forth written in ANSI 'C' by Phil Burk with Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom and Darren Gibbs. Support for 64-bit cells by Aleksej Saushev.

Portable Forth Environment (PFE)

The Portable Forth Environment (PFE) is based on the ANSI Standard for Forth. The PFE has been created by Dirk-Uwe Zoller and had been maintained up to the 0.9.x versions (1993-1995). Tektronix has adopted the PFE package in 1998 and made a number of extensions. It is now fully multithreaded and it features a module system. You can load additional C objects at runtime to extend the Forth dictionary. It is best targeted for embedded environments since you can easily exchange the terminal driver and the initilization routines.


A single file implementation of a non-standard Forth written in the FIG style


a macro-oriented Forth based on Standard (ANS) Forth, 1994, by Wil Baden


TILE Forth is a 32-bit implementation of the Forth-83 Standard written in C.


A very portable (embeddable) switch threaded forth.


yForth is a Forth environment written entirely in ANSI C, making it extremely portable.