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The old service has been closed by its owners. The editors have created a read-only mirror at The future of the Open Directory Project is discussed at .

"As the web grows, automated search engines and directories with small editorial staffs will be unable to cope with the volume of sites. The Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors."

Note: There are more than 30 pages on the wiki which show up in a search for dmoz.

There is currently no editor for the Dmoz wiki section:

surely some Wiki Zen should apply??

I did, but I was turned down without any explanation within minutes, and a request for clarification went unanswered. A kindly Anonymous Donor just pointed me to , which suggests that the ODP God Kings have a problem with wikis. This is disappointing, and has downgraded my formerly high regard of the ODP considerably. , regarding Sunir Shah's application, seems to suggest the same thing.

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After observing this Wiki for a couple of years I am of the general impression that a free and open "Yahoo" type of catalog could be possible. Something like this Wiki, completely open to the public for additions, deletions, and editing of web-site links and descriptions. Right now, this is just an idea. But what does everyone think - would such a service be viable?

Yes. The Open Directory Project is such a thing.

The problem with dmoz is that it only allows approved Editors - you have to submit a site and then it is reviewed. I like the idea of having regular people access and update the catalog, but I'm concerned about editorial control and corporate associations (dmoz is owned by Google). I think a truly open Wiki-like Catalog might be more responsive and innovative in the long run and (if designed properly) free from collusive practices.

Well, the big problem for ANY public catalog is ranking. Unlike a Wiki, where people tend to read all the way through the page and add their comments at the end, companies and regular folks too like to see themselves at the TOP of a catalog listing. How would you avoid incessant editing of listing positions?

Ideally, you would want something like this...

Anybody can add an entry containing the url, title, and description

Once an url is added, anyone can change the description

Nobody can delete. Delete's happen systematically when an url physically disappears

Ranking is done systematically (how?)

You also need to figure out how to class items into categories (or allow people to do this themselves). Also you need to deal with the whole tree structure of the categories, adding, combining, deleting categories, etc.

Ah, somebody has gone there... see Stumble Upon.

I'm working on launching exactly what is described above: a public catalog of the web, based on wiki. I'm ignoring the issue of rankings by using one page per site or page. I'm currently working on promoting/marketing it: Wiki Directory Of The Web (as in wiki'd web).

-- Aerik Sylvan

I think that the promoter of this site might be more interested in using the name "godkings" in as many places as possible, than actually pushing for an open directory. Signed: Brian McMillan, owner of ""... Thanks Bubb!

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